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How to use AlliesPro as a freelancer?

Got problems?

Most freelancers struggle to get paid, learn more here.

Struggling to get paid.

Avoid getting stiffed. Secure your payment with AlliesPro.

Avoid getting stiffed!

How it works?

Create profile page
1. Create

Create a compelling profile on AlliesPro. Describe your skills and professional history, and add photos of your work.

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2. Connect

Invite your own client or find new clients in AlliesPro to start a project.

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3. Secure Payment

AlliesPro's payment tools secures your cash and files before you provide your services.

Payment tools

Pay per file

Send files that can only be previewed. Once the client submits payment, the file(s) will be unlocked and available for download. Learn more.

Money retainer

Send invoices that holds the client's money for a period of time. After any given date or goal has been reached the money will be deposited into your bank account. Learn more.

Request money

If you don't want to secure your money or files beforehand, you can request and receive payments through our system.

Why use AlliesPro?

Create profile page
No more chasing money

We help you retain payments upfront and secure your files.

Search for gigs
Easy communication

We provide you with tools to improve communication and feedback with your client.

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Get paid on time

Once you finish your project, we automatically charge and deposit the money to your account.

Secure payments
Search results

We provide you with a list of gigs based on your skills, backgroud and location.